Find out who we are, what we do and what technologies we use.

About our business

DEXTECHNOLOGY was set up in 2005 and created more than 45 projects by 2017, including 7 high load scalable systems in Europe, Asia and North America. We opened offices in Moscow, Berlin and Hong Kong for greater customer proximity.

We are focused on the development of complex software systems and mobile applications to solve IT-tasks of small and medium-sized businesses and have gained great experience as a local and remote development team.

We are fast at learning new subject fields and open to the cutting-edge technologies and complex tasks.

We are committed to responsible business conduct and appreciate the same from our partners and customers.

Our tools and technologies

  • Programming languages: C#, JavaScript
  • Platforms:
    • (Windows, Linux apps) .NET 4.5, .NET 4.6 от .NET Core 1.0, 2,0
    • (iOS, Android) ReactNative
    • (front end apps) Angular Js
  • Technologies, patterns:
    • Desktop apps: WPF(MVVM), Windows Forms(MVP)
    • Web apps: Angular (MVVM, MVC), TypeScript
    • Mobile apps: MVVM, VIPER
    • Service apps: ASP.NET MVC, WCF, WebSocket, REST API, TCP/IP
    • Server apps: scalable architecture patterns, capable to sustain bursting workloads, with built in resiliency
  • Databases: Postgresql, Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL Server, Oracle Database, MongoDb
  • Cloud solutions: Azure Cloud, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud
  • Auxiliary systems: MemCached, Redis, RabbitMQ
  • Server monitoring solutions: Zabbix
  • Development: Visual Studio 2017, Resharper
  • Testing: Nunit, MsTest, Selenium, TestDroid
  • Team development tools:
    • Task management: YouTrack
    • Version control: Git
    • Build automation, continuous testing: TeamCity.
    • Test management: TestRail


  • Experience and expertise - We are a team of developers, designers and IT experts who deliver software solutions and applications that our clients appreciate.
  • Proven techniques and practices - We use industry-proven methods to develop smart IT-solutions for our clients.
  • Quality - We care about the quality of our development products and services.
  • Reliability - We go the whole length of the project and provide 24/7 technical support.

Development methods

Our product development teams use agile-methods. The development process is broken into iterations, and each iteration is ended with a beta-version of the product. The customer is able to estimate the version and to make changes to the next iteration. This type of approach provides customers with direct control over the project without the need for them to be involved into technical details of the development process.