About the Project

We have developed and implemented a multilevel information system which provides a stable traffic of data between the central office and remote offices. The system is adapted to unstable channels and allows for servicing clients even under conditions of short-duration Internet connection failures.

More details

Project tasks: To develop a complex automation solution for a tour operator’s network of offices; to build a system capable of accepting and processing clients’ requests and orders even under intermittent Internet connection or poor channel conditions; to ensure safe data storage.

We have built a local data base for each remote office to solve the problem of unstable channels and intermittent Internet connection. Each time the connection fails and restores the system synchronizes data between the affected local data base (the operator’s application) and the central data base. This approach allows for retrieving data, completing forms, saving and printing documents under any connection conditions.

The data warehouse has been built on 2 independent servers in order to provide highly available and reliable data storage.

Click-Once technology enables the system to be deployed on any Windows computer with a single click.

The system is being used by 42 offices across Russia.