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About the Project

Media App (Android, iOS) for the Directors Club, a specialized media portal

The Directors Club is a media portal for top managers and business owners. It features daily articles on marketing, management, sales and personal development, with 8,000,000 views per month.


The task was to develop a native application that would provide the portal’s mobile audience with convenient and full access from their smartphones to the content available on the media portal.

Key features:

  • selection of content per category;
  • bookmarks;
  • integration with social networking sites;
  • direct link to the portal’s staff;
  • push-notifications about new articles.

Selection of content per subject

The application contains useful materials for the business audience. The articles are grouped by subjects: marketing, sales, service, management, personal effectiveness, interview, news, business stories.


You can bookmark any article you like so that you can read it later and not waste time on searching.

Integration with social networking sites

The application is integrated with social networks and allows for sharing articles and creating posts.

Direct link to the portal’s staff

You can contact the portal’s staff directly from the app if you want to advertise or promote your business to the target audience on the portal.


  • ReactNative
  • Microsoft Azure Push Notification Service
  • Google Analytics


The Directors Club media portal