Radio Kartina


About the Project

It’s an internet radio mobile application for the largest media network of Russian-speaking audience in Europe and North America. The users are able to listen to live broadcasts and play lists, talk to DJs and download songs.

This native iOs/Android mobile application sustains real-time data streaming and can run in the background. Users are able to listen to their favorite RADIO KARTINA play lists offline.

Live broadcasts

Live broadcast is the key feature of this App. Whichever screen of the App is being displayed users can access Live Broadcast screen with one tap.

Favorite songs

When listening to a live broadcast, users can tick the song on air to select and download it.

Offline use

The App can be used without Internet connection. Users can create their favorite play lists and listen to them in offline mode.

Live communication with DJs

Users are able to send live messages or to ask a DJ to play a favorite song on the air.